Hello world!

Those who know me – like really know me – also know that I don’t like to commit.

I assume¬†this stems from the fact that I’m a very indecisive person (again, those who know me are probably nodding in agreement right now). I take forever to decide what to order at a restaurant. I research as much as possible before committing to any decision, big or small. I’m not kidding – when I decided to purchase an electric toothbrush, I spent two weeks researching different brands and models. I carefully read through more reviews than I care to admit and compiled several pros and cons lists and cost analysis spreadsheets. Fast forward to a couple of months¬†later, when my Google searches shifted to “how to save enough money to travel for a year” and eventually “how to write a resignation letter”. Fast forward another couple months to “how to start a travel blog”. So here it is. My first post.

The many articles I have read to date all suggest to “have a clear understanding of what your goal is to ensure the success of your blog”. Truth is, I have no idea what my next posts will look like, how often I will post, and what I will post about. I also realize that the only people that are reading this exact post are my friends/acquaintances/family that stumbled across this post while lazily scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed and/or want to make sure I’m still alive (hi Mom).

I hope my posts keep you entertained long enough until you find something else more interesting.

Good night world.

– Mellow Yellow